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Improving Health Care through Innovations and Technical Solutions

SureMed Tech Products and Services
  • Enable digital connectivity for injection systems.
  • Enable user adoption and sustained use.
  • Improve patient/user experience, simply development, and reduce cost.
  • Supports decentralized clinical trials and remote monitoring.
  • Improve speed to market and overcome development challenges.

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SureMed Tech’s Digital Products

Studies have found that increasing adherence and compliance is directly correlated with positive health outcomes for patients.

Adherence to trial regiment by participants have been a great challenge for clinical trials. One that connected devices can help remedy and enhance trial robustness.

Connected inhalers have demonstrated that ability to monitor and track adherence will increase patient’s days on treatment and overall health outcome.

While many connectivity products are available, what sets SureMed Tech’s digital products apart from the rest is that we have designed our products to be

  • Low cost and quick to implement by any pharmaceutical manufacturer either internal or at a CMO
  • Work with any existing drug injection systems .
  • Platform designed.
  • Easily to integrate into any digital health ecosystem and across therapeutic treatment areas.
  • Quick and easy to adopt by patients and caregivers .
  • SureMed Tech’s products are designed to have a low bar for adoption and allow for quick and efficient roll out.
  • Easy for healthcare providers
  • Captures relevant data for insurance and biostatistician to utilize.

SureMed Tech’s Other Products

Like our digital products, SureMed Tech has developed a number of innovative products that are industry friendly, easy to adopt, and designed to meet unmet needs.

Our eLabel technology is designed to allow for rapid detection of product tampering at the bulk level. Unlike current traditional system of relying on visual or machine camera inspection at the individual package level. Our eLabel technology allow for a new reinvented supply chain.

Our Threadless Plunger Rod and Backstop technology is developed to allow pharmaceutical companies to accelerate PFS development and reduce time to clinical. Our technology was designed to

  • Cut down on process development time
  • Simply packaging design
  • Simply packaging design
  • Simplifies manufacturing

SureMed Tech’s Partnership Model

SureMed Tech offer a number of partnership models to fit with our customer’s needs and manufacturing structure.

Our Customer Service

We are also an expanded team of pharmaceutical businesses by providing our collaboration and/or consulting service to meet customer needs including drug formulation, design control, analysis, packaging design/selection, tech transfer, regulatory affairs and filing. We have supported few pharma companies in their medical device selection, product qualification and filling as well as audit.